We believe our prices are the most competitive around.  If you can find it cheaper within 20 miles we'll match the price.   


Cholera (Dukorel Oral Vaccine)  £32

Bexsero - Meningitis B  £130 (Course of two required)

Diptheria/Tetanus/Polio  £30

Gardasil  9  £170 (Schedules vary - a course of two or three will be required)

Hepatitis A and Typhoid £85

Hepatitis A £45

Hepatitis A junior £35

Hepatitis B £37.50 each (Course of three required)

Influenza £10

Japanese Encephalitis £85.00 each (Course of two required)

Meningitis ACWY £55

Rabies £57.50 each (Course of three required) 

Tick borne Encephalitis £60 each (Course of two required)

Typhoid  £30

Vivotif Oral Typhoid £30.00

Yellow Fever £57.50 

Yellow Fever Exemption Certificate £25

Zostavax (Shingles) £160

Private Prescription £10

Consultation only £15

Telephone Consultation £15

*Prices may be subject to change